To carpet or not to carpet? That’s often the question on the minds of both homeowners and those looking to buy.

It can be a tough decision, but South East Flooring is making it easier through its wide collection of carpets available in Frankston. Owners Brent and David have years of both design and flooring experience and will work closely with you the find the right carpet to reflect your home's unique style and your discerning taste.

Compared to hardwood, carpeting is more affordable than ever, up to half the cost of hardwood installation per square inch. Many homeowners today enjoy a mix of flooring throughout their house, including carpet, hardwood, and vinyl.

With both nylon and wool varieties, there’s a carpet in Frankston for every homeowner’s need. Nylon carpet available in Frankston through South East Flooring offers stellar durability, strength, and elasticity, perfect for rooms with high foot traffic.

Nylon is typically resistant to damage from the environment, such as UV rays, and is easy to clean.

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South East Flooring offers several different types of nylon carpet in Frankston, including the twist pile Delray Beach and the patterned loop pile Venetian Range.

On the other hand, wool carpet has its own advantages for Frankston homeowners. It is also highly durable and resists crushing because of its natural elasticity. Wool carpet is also very resilient since wool fiber is coiled naturally. They also keep their color even after years of cleaning and wear.

South East Flooring’s Residence line, made from woven polypropylene, has blue stripe synthetic backing and complies with standards on organic compounds and air emissions in Australia.

These are just a few of the carpet choices available to South East Flooring customers in Frankston. We’re looking forward to helping you pick the very best carpet for your home.

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